Head hunting iconHead Hunting

Through our extensive network, we are able to proactively approach individuals in our respective markets, build & develop relationships and fully understand their skills, experiences and long term career motivations. Quite often these people are not actively looking for work which allows us to target them specifically for certain opportunities that otherwise they would not be aware of.

The benefits of letting us take on a Headhunt approach to your recruitment are:

  • Increased control and parity over the process
  • Greater access to specific individuals
  • Improved cost efficiency 
  • Better commitment & interest from candidates

Talent Retention

By ensuring we keep up to date with the very best talent available in the market we are continuously engaging and networking with professionals across each of our specialisms. Whilst very time consuming, this is by far the best way to stay connected with candidates in the market, ensuring our clients have access to the very best people.

The benefits of Talent Pooling are:

  • Greater amount of potential candidates for us to present to you
  • Better choice and selection of skills & qualifications
  • Improved response time & able to present candidate shortlists quicker

Candidate search iconInterview Guidance

We ensure you are completely prepared on each of the individuals you meet, making sure you completely understand their qualifications, technical abilities, experience and long term motivations.

This will allow you to:

  • Understand each candidate 
  • Mitigate the risk of losing individuals during the process
  • Maintain momentum & consistency throughout interview stage
  • Ensure each candidate has the best experience