Pay Gap Summary

Gender Pay Gap Data Summary – February 2019

As at 5th April 2018

Women’s hourly rate is

3.9%       0.0%

LOWER                     LOWER

(mean)                       (median) 


Pay quartiles

How many men and women are in each quarter of the employer’s payroll.

Top quartile

33.0%      67.0%

MEN                           WOMEN

Upper middle quartile

46.1%      53.9%

MEN                           WOMEN

Lower middle quartile

31.3%      68.7%

MEN                           WOMEN

Lower quartile

53.4%      46.6%

MEN                           WOMEN



Bonus Pay

Women’s bonus pay is

53.4%        0.8%

HIGHER                    LOWER

(mean)                       (median)



Who received bonus pay

3.2%        1.8%

OF MEN                     OF WOMEN



OSR Recruitment Services Limited employs agency staff to supply to customers for temporary assignments of varying durations, and employs Consultants and Resourcers to fulfil these requests.

The company does not accept any discrimination between men and women on pay rates or bonuses for assignments, with both genders being paid the same rate for the same role.

Any fluctuations between gender pay rates are purely due to the mix of assignments at that time and weighting of each particular gender in those roles.

OSR Recruitment Services Limited is very keen to eliminate any gender pay gaps and offers the same pay rates and commission structures, applicable to each skill level / role, to all staff regardless of gender.